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Kimberly Hart

The original pink power ranger

14 February
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Kimberly was 15 when a supposed earthquake hit the town of Angel Grove. In reality, it marked the reappearance of the witch Rita Repulsa, who sought to once again take over the planet Earth. To prevent the takeover, an entity named Zordon had Kimberly and four of her friends transported to a hidden base in the desert outside of town, and it was there that Kimberly was given the power of the pink power ranger. What was once a hobby of hers, she began to not only improving her ability in gymnastics, but she also learned to incorporate her skills into a mix of martial arts. For several months, Kimberly and her team of rangers fought against Rita and her army of putties and monsters.

Kimberly and the other rangers continued to foil Rita’s plans, and then an even worse enemy appeared. Lord Zedd proved to be even more devious than Rita, though again the rangers were able to stop him. He had managed to fully drain the green ranger of his powers, and once almost managed to brainwash Kimberly to be his queen. However, for reasons unknown the spell used to make her evil failed and Kimberly was able to escape from his clutches.

Her career as a ranger saw three of her friends and fellow rangers move on and the arrival of three new teens to take their place. Even more shocking was the battle during the marriage of Rita and Lord Zedd. Several months in, Kimberly and the rest of the rangers had their powers drained from battle. This lead to a journey where they were told to search for the powers of the ninjetti, and where Kimberly earned the power of the Crane-this time she not only had her ranger morph, but in times of lesser combat, could call on her powers as a ninja-ranger with the added abilities of increased speed and the ability to move through solid objects.

In Kimberly’s civilian life, her divorced mother started seeing a French painter, who invited them to move with him to Paris. Torn between wanting to stay with her mom and her duty to the rangers, she was coaxed by Zordon to talk to her mother about it. It was decided that she would stay with her friend and fellow ranger Aisha until she finished the school year.

It’s when Kimberly’s training for a gymnastics competition that she’s called to action and morphed to the pink ninja ranger when she’s teleported to the village instead of Angel Grove park.

After nearly two years in the village, Kim was sent back home to complete her duty as a ranger, before giving her power coin to Kat Hillard and entering the Pan Globals. It's after winning the pan globals and the sudden dissolving of her relationship with Tommy, that Kim finds herself wanting to do more with her life. Remembering her duty as a power ranger and her time with Faramir, Kim enrolls in the LA police academy, wanting to help protect her city even if she can't do the same as a Power ranger, eventually applying for and earning a spot on a SWAT team as a sharp shooter.

She re-enters the village just after an assignment..

Kimberly Hart belongs to the Power Ranger tv series. She enters the game during episode #121 'Passing the Lantern' in the second season, then re-enters ten years after she's left canon. She's 5'2 with brown eyes,and brown hair that's little past her shoulders and has a tendency to gravitate towards the color pink when she's not on duty.
I'm not Kimberly Hart or Amy Jo Johnson. Kimberly belongs to Saban's Power Rangers and Amy Jo Johnson belongs to herself. Her image is simply for roleplaying purposes and no money's being made off of this.